This blog is a democracy. Vote for a color!


July 23, 2012 by megmstephens


I’m currently working on some of my homework (read: messing around writing a blog post instead of doing my SWOT analysis of Southwest Airlines…) and I thought because I’m not working over a the house tonight that you might like to help me think about colors! I’m usually pretty good with picking out colors, but the thing I love about heartland house is that it could be so cute in so many color options. We will have to decide pretty soon, because we will be putting siding on the garage next. The salvaged tongue and groove siding is old, and even though it’s in good shape I do not want to leave it bare to the elements for very long. So, we will have to give it a good coat of paint after putting it up. And I want it to match the house colors, which means settling on something soon.

Some things to note about the context around the house: Almost every house on the street is beige or white. I do not want a beige or white. The neighbor to the right is a nice medium-dark blue with white trim, and the neighbor immediately to the left is a gray house with white trim. I’ve shown all the colors in the collage with white trim, but that’s not something I’m set on. The windows will be white vinyl. Currently the roof is a silver metal roof, except where it is rusted. It’s a rusty color in those spots. 🙂

The collage above are just a few options that I modeled using Sherwin William’s color visualizer. Leave a comment with a vote for your favorite combination. We’ll see which combo appeals to everyone. Feel free to suggest a different combination to consider, too.


15 thoughts on “This blog is a democracy. Vote for a color!

  1. I can’t make an informed decision without seeing the houses next door!

  2. Dan says:

    Do your homework, dear.

  3. Lynette says:

    Navy and yellow or dark red and green

  4. Roxanne Leder says:

    Remember the cottage! Green and White! (Ha ha, just had to get MSU in there, Ams.) Seriously, Meg, I kinda like the dark red or the green with plum. The dark red might be just a tad too dark, considering everyone else on the street is washed out and boring

  5. I love the navy with the yellow door option. I also like the red, but I love the plum door. Whatever you choose, I vote for bold!

    • megmstephens says:

      I’m leaning towards the darker/bolder colors too, Kristen. And I would love to have a plum door! I might work up some other options using the plum with different coordinating colors…. So many options!

  6. Allison R says:

    Ooh! Green/Plum. Putting on siding this Saturday?

  7. Gerard says:

    Would dark red with a yellow door be too much for the neighbours? It would be cheery to come home to…

  8. uncephalized says:

    I like Navy/Yellow and Dark Red/Green. Both look cheery and bold to me. 🙂

  9. Mara B says:

    This blog is so cute, you are adorable!
    I like either the navy/yellow, or the green/plum. What if it was switched- plum house, green door?

  10. kmccully says:

    Hubby says plum/green, I say navy/yellow. We have a navy/lime green trim house in our neighborhood and it is super cute.

  11. Keith says:

    Navy/Yellow vote for me

  12. jpo says:


  13. Jenn Boultbee says:

    I love the Navy and Yellow!!!!

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