Which ditch?

July 23, 2012 by megmstephens


This is my friend Robert. He has an awesome tractor, and luckily for me he looks for any excuse to use it. I usually hate the color orange, but when it’s the color of a tractor that has saved me hours of backbreaking digging I am in love with it!
Robert filled in the trench for me today since I finished running the conduit and electric line out to the garage from the house this morning. He also buzzed around the backyard with the tiller attachment, flattening out all the high and low spots and getting the weeds out. The yard used to be more weeds than grass, now it is a blank slate of freshly turned soil. I will throw down some grass seed for whenever we finally get some rain. Who knows, maybe seeding a yard in July is the sign to bring on the rain!


And today my mom came down to see me! She went right to work pulling nails out of the reclaimed wood siding we will use on the garage. She was a trooper! Heat, dirt, and pulling 1,000,000 nails out of 50+ year old wood siding might be my idea of a blissful afternoon, but I know other people feel somewhat different.

She got a lot done while Robert was filling in the trench and I was running around moving things and picking up the stones in the tiller wake. Mom and I ended up at Steak ‘n Shake for dinner, and *yum* does a banana shake hit the spot after a dirty day of working!


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