Thursdays are my day off


August 2, 2012 by megmstephens


This is the look that I get from Dan sometimes. It usually means that I am being crazy about something, although my definition of crazy and his seem to be very different. But, he is very good at keeping me down to earth and also protecting the things we care about. Like his suggestion that we set some boundaries on the Heartland House project, so that I don’t get so involved in it that I never spend time with him or with friends. And as excited as I have been about the house project, I have put down my Dewalt tools several times to go see a movie with friends, or hang out, or even (gasp) relax for an evening.

Thursdays are the night of the week that I am not allowed to go work on the house. There are a couple of reasons that it is Thursday night. This summer he has been working every weekend out of town, and he usually has to leave sometime while I am at work on Friday. So Thursday night is the night we can hang out together before he leaves for a long weekend. Another reason is that I am currently in an online Master’s degree program, and Thursday night is when a portion of my week’s homework is due. So taking Thursday night off also allows me the time to get my homework done – let’s be honest, I’d rather be working on the house than doing homework so it just removes the option.


We also have two pretty awesome dogs – Tesla (on the left) and Squirrel (on the right). If Husband had not said that I had to take Thursdays off, then these two pups would be pretty sad. Sometimes we take them over to the dog park on Thursdays, and they love it! So I won’t be doing much on Thursdays, and therefore won’t have much to report usually. Tomorrow might be the exception. We have a load of hardwood flooring coming from the architectural salvage place, so that will have to be unloaded. And also the electric company might FINALLY turn on the power, even though the inspection has been done and approved since Monday. Hopefully I can cross that item off the Master Project List tomorrow, even thought it is my day off from the Heartland House.


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