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August 6, 2012 by megmstephens

The weekend started off with Dan and I having our favorite pizza for dinner on Friday night, sitting in the back yard of Heartland House. We planned to get the house wrap up on Friday night so that we would be prepped and ready to get started on Saturday morning. I went over to a friend’s house nearby to pick up the nail gun that we were going to borrow to install the siding- and I discovered that the nail gun that he had was a framing nailer, not a smaller brad nailer like I had thought. The 3 1/2 inch nails it shot out were not going to work- with the old, brittle, reclaimed siding we were installing the nails would just shred the boards to pieces. So we started brainstorming how we were going to work around this discovery. Dan called his father, who happened to have 2 nailers and another air compressor. So we decided that he would go over to his parent’s house to get the nailers and air compressor while I stayed to install the building wrap. His parents live 1.5 hours away from us, though, so it took until nearly midnight for Dan to go get the tools.

Saturday morning was overcast, humid, and very hot. The forecast was calling for rain. I got up very early, about 6am, and headed over to Heartland House to finish the building paper that I didn’t get done the night before. The paper went up pretty quickly. Then Allison and Joe showed up to help, and I started to wonder where Dan was. He called to say that there was an emergency with a local game store that he works with, and that he was trying to get it sorted out and would be there soon. By then it was 10 am and we were working on the trim, installing the corner blocks and attempting to level them on a decidedly not-level structure. Eventually we got that finished and started on the siding itself, and Dan’s emergency was resolved and he was able to join us.

Joe had to leave by at noon, and Allison had a wedding to attend that evening and had to leave by about 4pm. Dan and I were on our own after that! We went home for dinner and to let our dogs out around 7pm. We headed back to Heartland House, thinking that we could get another couple of hours in before it got too dark and too late to do any more work. We had hardly gotten started back to work after dinner and a huge summer storm blew in. At first we thought we could keep working, but then the lighting and wind picked up and it was downpouring. So we packed up quickly and went back home.

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear. It was so nice out that our dogs, Squirrel and Tesla, decided to bolt the fence in our back yard and take themselves on a Sunday morning walk. We spent over an hour looking for them, and finally found them a mile away from our house with a cat that they had treed. They were covered in mud and very wet from the damp grass. So we hauled them back home and gave them both a bath.

By the time we made it over to Heartland House we had lost the whole morning. Luckily we had extra hands helping us in the afternoon- Seth, Allison, and Joe all came over to help. Between having 5 people, 2 air compressors and 2 nail guns, we really got a lot done!


2 thoughts on “Weekend shenanigans

  1. 3rd Generation says:

    You guys are really doing Great!

    Your project reminds me of getting started in the game.

    A couple unsolicited random thoughts (that’s all I am capable of these days…).

    The ‘friend’ labor eventually will go away without being watered, fed and kept happy (toilet facilities). When I can rustle up friends to help in a Big Task, I try to make a party atmosphere out of the day(s) along with a theme and an agenda. Have plenty of Food & Drink, supplies and materials and spare everyting that can break, or get dull, lost, etc. Think like Huckleberry Finn whitewashing the damn fence. A little mystery goes a long way. . . A porta toilet with a padlock is cheap, convenient and deductable if your plumbing will be out for several more work-friend-weekends it will pay for itself in lost time and aggrevation not to mention discomfort.

    Borrowing equipment. OK for the first project, but when/ if you plan on doing this stuff, you cannot beat OWNING certain things, like common tools, a good compressor, nailing stuff, yard maintenance goodies. It’s ALL DEDUCTABLE and does wonders washing some of the capital gains away. . . Good local equipment rental center relations are a must. They have wonderful time and money saving stuff for rent. whenever I ‘borrow’ something from a friend or relative, I end up breaking it and buying another to replace it. I could have bought one for myself in the beginning. If you need a tool once you will need it again. . .

    I learned the Hard Way. Now I like the Easy Way. It’s more fun and way more profitable.

    Be Thankful you have Work – Friends ! Priceless.

    Keep up the Good Work!

  2. Lola Leder says:


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