My Heartland House Weekends


August 31, 2012 by megmstephens


  • Work at Day Job (8am to 5pm)
  • Go home, change clothes, eat dinner, play with the dogs
  • Grab tools and head over to HH (bike if the dogs are not coming with or walk if they are)
  • Prep for Saturday’s major task – make a shopping list if needed, clean and organize workspace, get any small tasks done so that everything is ready to go on Saturday morning
  • Go back home and work on a blog post (hello, followers!), then go to bed earlyish


  • Wake up insanely early – by insanely early, I just mean earlier than I normally do. The time for Saturdays this summer has varied between 6:00 and 7:00. I’ll freely admit that I get up after 7:00am on weekdays when I have to be to work at 8am…
  • EAT BREAKFAST. I’ve skipped this step before, and it’s not smart when doing manual labor. If I am working in my office, fine, I don’t really need breakfast. Working on HH? YES. Breakfast is a must.
  • Grab hat, throw hair in a ponytail or braid, grab DeWalt toolbag, and head over to HH!
  • Dig in to the day’s project. This is hard to do early in the mornings because I try to respect my neighbors, so I usually have to start with something quiet. 😦  No power tools for me until about 9am.
  • Work until early afternoon. I usually take a lunch break around 2pm.
  • Work after lunch until it’s dark out, or until I am exhausted. With the lights on now, I won’t be so limited by daylight, but my strength does give out on me after about 12 hours anyway. It’s the most satisfying kind of exhaustion, actually, from a full day’s hard work doing manual labor. I work in an office during the week and I don’t believe that office work is less “valuable” or “important” than manual labor – both are necessary and important in their own way – but there is a huge difference to how I feel at the end of an “office day” vs. the end of a day working at HH. I’m brain-tired after a day at the office, but body-tired at the end of a day at HH. I like getting to experience both.
  • Saturday evening I might start drafting a weekend wrap-up post for the blog while I eat dinner, or chill out watching a movie or show. If I opt for watching a movie, I know I am going to wake up in a few hours with the credits scrolling and a kink in my neck from falling asleep on the couch. I still try, though. 8 or 9 pm is too early for bed!


  • Sunday morning I wake up a little later, mostly because I go to morning service with my friends. Sometimes it’s the early service and sometimes the later one, but it’s a nice break from the norm and I get to see people I like!
  • I have a big lunch, because sometimes dinner doesn’t happen until much later in the evening.
  • Sunday afternoon is still dedicated to working on HH, frantically trying to finish whatever item I’ve tackled from the Master Project List.
  • Sunday evening I work later because I have not started as early in the morning. This gives me a chance to clean up from the weekend, and tidy up for the week. I do come over during the evenings during the week, but there is less time to tackle a big project. So Sunday evening I do a thorough cleaning and make sure everything is put away where it belongs.

And that’s what a weekend is like working on Heartland House! I’m lucky to have good friends who come over to help when they can. And now that school is starting back up, my US-traveling husband will be around to help me on the weekends too.


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  1. Lola Leder says:

    I.m tired just reading this Megan – hope you are sleeping well and thre house is progressing. Love ya.

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