Meet My New Friends


September 17, 2012 by megmstephens

….Or just the trash they leave lying around.

I know, McDonald’s is junk food and I shouldn’t eat it. But it was so convenient! The critters think it’s convenient, too.

Word on the street from my neighbors is that there are 3 half-grown raccoons hanging around. They have already dug through my garbage and spilled a bucket.

I just put up the post about security, and now I’ve been invaded by mischief-makers of the furry kind!

The raccoons tore open this bag and scattered stuff through the house.


3 thoughts on “Meet My New Friends

  1. My father-in-law occasionally has a raccoon problem on his farm and he uses a company that leaves a trap and then collects the trap and releases the critters somewhere remote. Maybe there is something similar in your area? Then again, maybe it’s futile because more will just come back. As for the McDonald’s, your hard work burns all those tasty calories. I may have to pick up a hammer around here and do the “Meg Stephens Get Healthy Plan”.

    • megmstephens says:

      Haha, the “Meg Stephens Get Healthy Plan” has worked for me! Even with McDonald’s thrown in here and there, I’ve slimmed down and gotten strong[er]. I spent most of yesterday working on the fascia board and hanging gutters on the garage, and I’m less sore than I expected. I think that means I have muscle tone now!

  2. […] a few weeks ago when I introduced you to some new friends? Well. I should have been smart enough to realize that was a sign. Instead I blissfully kept […]

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