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September 27, 2012 by megmstephens

It’s the last piece of siding going up on the garage!

Last Sunday, I got to put the last piece of siding on the garage. This means that I can update The Master Project List, and cross off another item on the list! We only have a few more steps to finish the garage. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, so I want to use the time to pressure wash the siding on the garage and get it prepped for painting. It’s nice to have something finished, and to celebrate the small victories. I am already having dreams of what it will look like when the garage is painted and looking nice.

The newly-installed old reclaimed siding

If I were a person who had a nice camera and I could take hi-res pictures, I would take a picture of the siding the way it is now as a “texture” photo. It has a nice rustic-barn look to it right now. The patterns and mosaic of the siding on the different sides is appealing. It’s old siding, but installing it again created a mix of colors and textures with the different boards. The other cool thing is seeing how the siding was painted in the past. Scraping off the paint reveals all the layers underneath – this siding was BRIGHT GREEN at one point! I’m talking Kermit-the-Frog type of green. I like the color green, but that is too much. As soon as we get the garage painted, you’ll get to see the colors we picked for the house, because the garage will match the house.


2 thoughts on “The LAST one

  1. Lindsay (Scott) Vronko says:

    Love watching the progress! My husband and I have remodeled two houses but never to the extent you have. wow!

  2. Lola Leder says:

    Hi Megan – how great to have one part actually finished and ready to paint. Looking forward to see the color, Love grandma.

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