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One of the goals I have for Heartland House is to use as much reclaimed stuff as I can. It will be harder for me to install, yes, but I also dislike the waste in the construction industry. And I dislike the quality of new building materials today. I also want to maintain the feel of Heartland House’s era (early 1900’s). I’ve started collecting a lot of materials already, including the garage siding which is already installed. Below is a “tour” of my stockpile, and my plan for how the treasures will get used at Heartland House.


Heartland House’s living room has been taken over by a giant pile of hardwood flooring!

To the left is the living room of Heartland House… a convenient storage place for a reclaimed hardwood floor. It’s a solid inch thick and tongue-and-groove style. It will have to be sanded down and refinished after we get it installed, but that’s going to be status-quo for all the floors in Heartland House, including the ones we are saving. Most likely this flooring will go into the dining room, or possibly the third bedroom. It’s a mix of oak and other hardwoods, which will give it a pretty unique look after it’s installed. At some point I need to sort out the wood types and restack it neatly for longer-term storage – the floor will be one of the last things we do – but for now the living room is a good place for it.


The lower half of my $15 bathtub.

Bathroom fixtures are expensive – but luckily people often have them sitting around collecting dust. Literally, in this case. I got this bathtub from a neighbor for $15. It was stored in a leaky garage, so it’s covered in grime and dust and dirt, but it just needs a good scrub to be as good as new. It’s a plastic tub, which is not ideal, but I couldn’t refuse the price. There’s a surround that goes with it. I’m not sure if I am going to use the plastic surround or if I am going to be a little more fancy and use tile. It’s probably one of those things I will decide when we’re to the point of actually working on the bathroom [read: a long time from now].


Solid wood doors

Bedroom #2 is also being used as a storage room right now. There are two stacks of solid wood doors that I have stashed in there – all of them purchased for $10 each! Some are 6 panel doors, like the one on the left in the picture, and some are 4 panel. I might even have one 5 panel door. Most of them are about 30″ wide, which is pretty good for a bedroom or bathroom door. I need to track down some more doors for closets and the pantry – I’m thinking even as small as a 24″ wide for those rooms would be fine. Eventually I will sand all of these doors down and give them a new stain before hanging them. I’m leaning toward a very dark stain for the doors… but maybe not. Depends on what color we do the floors, I guess.



I *love* the look of this sidelight!

I am super excited about this find…It’s a sidelight to an entry door with leaded glass! The house it was salvaged from had a fire, so it’s covered in soot right now, and so is the matching twin sidelight. And they are monster tall – over 7 feet! The house must have belonged to giants. I’m not sure where I will use this yet at Heartland House, but I need to come up with something cool for them. One thought I had was to use them next to the door to each of the two biggest bedrooms. But, that’s a little weird since the beveled glass panes are actually see-through in the window. So, maybe not. Suggestions are welcome!


This window and it’s pair were salvaged from a church that used to stand just a few blocks from Heartland House.

Finally, this is one of my best treasures so far – a stained glass window salvaged from a church that was torn down last year. The church used to be just a few blocks from Heartland House. I actually have 4 panels of stained glass from the church. Two of them are bottom sections, like this one, and two are the top sections which have an arch top. My thought on these are to use them on the inside of the windows in the living room and front bedroom, covering the lower half of the windows. Then I won’t have to use blinds to keep some privacy in those rooms, but sunlight will still come through! I’ve always loved stained glass, too, so I think these windows will give the house a little more character. Plus I’m a sucker for pretty things, and stained glass definitely falls in that category.


3 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. Lola Leder says:

    Beautiful finds Megan – Heartland House is going to be the showplace of the neighborhood.

  2. Gerard says:

    Another thing you might do with all those beautiful windows and doors is to use them as interior room dividers. Windows between rooms helps with natural light and airflow, and the doors, well, they just look cool:

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