Gold sparkly ceiling wallpaper and other adventures


October 1, 2012 by megmstephens

A list of things that I might or might not have done this weekend (in no particular order):

1. Fallen in love with pressure washers. Look how clean and ready for paint the garage is:

Favorite new tool: Pressure washer!

2. Removed a cast iron bathtub (mostly) in one piece with Dan:

Bye, bye, bathtub!

3. Power-washed the basement of Heartland House 3 times – *finally* it doesn’t feel slightly gross to go down there:

Action shot of scrubbing out the basement

4. Discovered that the bathroom in Heartland House used to have gold sparkly wallpaper on the ceiling, which is now covered by the ever-classy interlocking acoustic tile:

The gold really sets off the floral wall paper that the boys discovered under more of that hideous blue paint.

5. Cleaned out a live trap with a pressure washer… The full story will have to come later:


6. Filled approximately 1 billion old nail holes in the garage siding with wood filler, and sanded down the same 1 billion holes. I was so thrilled with this task that I didn’t even take a picture.

7. Met the Reverend who lives a few houses down across the alley behind Heartland House. He’s a really nice older man, and he had both a pocket watch and a gold tooth! This makes the second pastor that lives within a 4 house radius of Heartland House.

8. Came back in the house after pressure washing to find the bathroom no longer exists, thanks to Dan, Jared, and Joe making short work of the demo:

This is about what the bathroom looked like this morning.

Dan is going to town on the plaster with a sledgehammer…

Joe prefers the hammer method.

And the aftermath of the demo: wide open walls from the kitchen to the wall of the living room. It looks good!

And the boys even swept up the mess.


3 thoughts on “Gold sparkly ceiling wallpaper and other adventures

  1. Maximilian says:

    Dan looks like he’s having way too much fun with that sledgehammer.

  2. Lola Leder says:

    Pulled a few walls down at Sage Street, there’s nothing like that first good bash with a sledge hammer. Grandma

  3. Joe says:

    You say “The boys even cleaned up the mess”… like you thought we would leave it for you?!? what do you think we are? Because I think we’re gentlemen.

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