I busted up a floor tonight.


October 4, 2012 by megmstephens

One of the great things about the current stage we are in at Heartland House is that I get to use one of my favorite tools: The Sledgehammer. It’s so…fun. And dangerous. But mostly fun. Check out what the sledgehammer accomplished tonight:




And of course I had help. Jared came over, and he was a mean, floor-fighting machine. Robert also stopped by (remember Robert?):


And, right next to Robert’s hand in the picture above, I found a really cool old stamp on the wood. I thought that Heartland House was all stick built, but this stamp makes me think that maybe the back part is a kit that was ordered from a catalog. Either way, I love this stamp:


Dan and I have finally figured out the new floor plan for Heartland House. But you’ll have to wait for an actual post on the subject. In the meantime I’ll be awful and post this teaser picture of the floor plan we decided on:


And one last picture, because I was playing with the settings on the camera, and it’s nearly 12:30 and I’m exhausted and loopy crazy right now:


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