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October 11, 2012 by megmstephens


Today was the first of two days that I took off from my day job to work on Heartland House. A DIY vacation, kind of. As I mentioned yesterday, I had lots of stuff on my to-do list, including trying to get some plumbing started and figuring out the roof situation. Well, I might have blown my chances of getting even half of that list done by noon today.

Look! I mowed!

Last night started out great. Dan and I went over to the house after work, and we removed a section of the fence so that a dumpster could be delivered today. That took just a few minutes, so we did some reconnaissance and figured out a shopping list for the next few days. A quick run to the Big Box Home Improvement store, and we had delivery set up of the materials for the next 4 days.

Even this morning we managed to get up and out of the house near sunrise. The dumpster was delivered without a problem early in the morning, and I even had time to mow back the onslaught of weeds that were trying to take over the yard. We got started cleaning out the bedroom #3 area, which has been the temporary storage spot for un-salvageable materials. About half way through the cleanup it looked like this:

So then we quickly moved on to taking down the drywall you see above, and clearing out that nasty fiberglass batt insulation (and a birds’ nest or two). The best part of doing this demolition today was finding an old window EXACTLY where I planned the opening to the bathroom from the hall. This saves me from having to frame in a header and also from the worry that an old house can’t handle a wall re-work like that.

But this was were I again proved that I’m an enormous klutz, and I’m surprised that no one has tried to ban me from power tools yet. Although this had nothing to do with power tools. I was carrying a load of stuff from the house to the dumpster, and I happened to place my foot just wrong on the edge of the sidewalk as I was stepping down off the last step of the stoop. I rolled my left ankle pretty bad. 😦

I don’t think it’s broken, but OH MY GOODNESS it hurts. It got worse through the day, and that might or might not have anything to do with the fact I kept walking on it and working for the rest of today. Right now I’ve got it iced and elevated, and I’ve taken tylenol religiously since it happened. I just didn’t factor this kind of injury into my plans for the weekend. I’ll really be slowed down. I made a shopping trip this afternoon, though, and I got painting supplies so that if nothing else I can sit on a chair and use a roller on a stick to primer the garage.

Why can’t the weather stay like this?

The other bummer is that I planned this DIY vacation when the weather was supposed to be bright and sunny (although not exactly warm) for the weekend. Now the weather has been revised and we are supposed to get thunderstorms and rain on Saturday and Sunday. I’m trying to be optimistic about what I can accomplish over the next three days…but I’ve had a few setbacks. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I hope it’s a less painful ankle and sunny skies!


4 thoughts on “Not exactly what I had in mind

  1. Ann says:

    Please remember that I live right across the street if you need anything…like a bathroom. Feek free to knock.

  2. Lola Leder says:

    So sorry about the ankle Megan – what a bummer thing to happen. All the best laid plans oft go astray (Robby Burns I think) Alternate hot and cold and maybe an ace bandageto help keep swelling down. Don’t suppose I could suggest staying off it for a few days, but try to baby it some. love Grandma (no physician).

  3. […] overnight – no frost or freezing temps – and because my ankle was still sore from Thursday’s incident. I didn’t have to climb up or down anything, and there was relatively little walking around […]

  4. […] going to be another DIY Vacation for me! Hopefully I will keep the klutzy side of me hidden and not twist my ankle again. Thanks for being patient with me during November, and I’m optimistic about what is […]

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