4 Day Recap, Part 2


October 23, 2012 by megmstephens

Let me tell you a sad story and a lesson I learned (again) the hard way. I had this post all typed up and ready to go on LAST Tuesday night, but I never clicked the “save” button. After bringing my computer back from sleep mode late Wednesday night, I lost all of what I had typed up! Ugh. And then Dan and I were out of town for the last weekend and I have not had time to re-type this post.  So, this is actually version 2 of the long-awaited post #2 from my 4-day vacation.

Here’s where the bathroom/dining room started out before the flurry of DIY activity. By the end of the day on Sunday, it was looking something more like this:

Dan and I worked on taking out all of the floor joists in the former bathroom on Thursday. This needed to be done because at some point they were all cut to create stairs into the basement, and then later the stairs were covered over again (poorly). So the floor in this area was sagging and not well-supported. Someone in the past added multiple layers of plywood to make the floors somewhat level with everything else around it, which is like treating a symptom instead of the disease. So we took out all of the old joists, and in the process Dan and Joe figured out how to temporarily support the Kitchen wall:

While they worked on that, Allison and I were figuring out all of the details of how to jack up the floor, which included taking some of the siding off the outside of the house by the dining room. We needed to see if the sagging dining room floor was due to the foundation settling or if it was due to a sagging beam, and looking at the bottom of the wall studs helped us figure this out. While we were doing some investigative work, we also found a nest of (sleepy) bees!

They moved very slow because it was chilly, so no one got stung. I found half of a can of bee spray left over from the yellowjacket nest in July and put it to good use:

Yeah, I was rocking the tucked-in shirt look because it kept dirt from getting in my pants when I was crawling around under the floor. Somehow the entire weekend passed by without getting a picture of Allison, even though she was there and helping almost constantly. She was my “spotter” as I was practicing my army-crawl under the dining room floor, which I am very grateful for. I’m not particularly claustrophobic, but I was a little bit nervous about jacking up the floor while I was laying on my belly under it. Allison watched to make sure that I was safely between the floor joists at all times. Houses are built to have movement, so the jacking process went very smoothly after it was all set up. This was my view for most of Saturday and Sunday as we figured out how to set up the jacks to lift the floor:

Dan, Joe, and Jared also worked on more demolition in the 3rd bedroom while Allison and I were busy with the floor. They made really good progress over the course of Saturday and Sunday!The dumpster is scheduled to be picked up on Monday, October 29th. So that means we should hustle up and make sure that we get everything into it before they pick it up. Except we’ve been distracted with another project that has been consuming the evenings after work, and that project also has a firm deadline! I’ll fill you in on the side project soon. (And now for a shameless plug: Don’t forget that you can type your email address into the box on the right sidebar and get email updates for every post!)


2 thoughts on “4 Day Recap, Part 2

  1. Lola Leder says:

    Spending the day in the crawl space – is this seeing the world from the bottom up? Couldn’t pay me enough to do that Megan – you;re a brave girl.

  2. That last picture looks nearly identical to our kitchen/dining room right before we ripped out the lathe to get right down to the brick exterior!

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