“Where have you been?!?” -Everyone


December 6, 2012 by megmstephens

You might have realized that I did not post any updates in November. Well, that’s because we didn’t work on the house for any significant length of time in November.   Dan and I have a number of life goals, Heartland House included, and all the other goals and things we do conspired against Heartland House this past month. We spent every single weekend out of town away from Heartland House from November 3rd until December 2, either working our weekend contract job for events in various cities or spending time with family (or both, actually, we did an event near my parent’s house in Michigan over Thanksgiving weekend). So while we made some extra money to pay down our student loan debt and made progress toward our goal of becoming debt free, it was at the expense of working on Heartland House. Every time someone asked me about it or demanded to know what was going on (yes I’m thinking of you, Dani!) I felt guilty for not updating the blog and letting everyone know. Truthfully I was busy at work and exhausted during the week just trying to catch up after traveling one weekend after another. Yes, I’m human and needed to take a break.

Hurricane Sandy in SoHa

This is the beach along Lake Michigan in South Haven, MI, where I grew up and my parents live now. Even in winter the beach and water is beautiful, and I got in a few relaxing walks along the water over Thanksgiving weekend. I love many things about the Hoosier State, but it doesn’t have much water! I miss living near Lake Michigan.

But now I’ve celebrated my birthday and the best holiday of the year (Thanksgiving) and finished the last out of town event for a few weeks. I am recharged and ready to dive back in! The plan is to do nothing but work on the house this weekend and the following weekends in December. I also want to get a shop set up in the basement of our rental to start with sanding down and staining the reclaimed doors and finishing the reclaimed trim. That’s a good thing that I can do this month when it’s cold and dark in the evenings. The sun sets at about 5:30 in the evening here during December. I don’t have the house rewired yet so it’s a little awkward to work after dark. And cold, since I don’t have the furnace installed yet, either. Trust me when I say those to-do items have jumped up on my priority list as soon as the weather turned!

I also have to start planning what to get done at Heartland House for Christmas break. Dan is done with classes soon, and I have the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s off work. So it’s going to be another DIY Vacation for me! Hopefully I will keep the klutzy side of me hidden and not twist my ankle again. Thanks for being patient with me during November, and I’m optimistic about what is going to be accomplished at Heartland House this month.


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  1. Lola Leder says:

    No apologies needed for not blogging in November Megan, sounds like even your minutes have been full. Yes indeed, you are only human, so rest when you can with no guilt. Love, love, love..

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