Structural Elements Optional?


January 22, 2013 by megmstephens

Car full of 2x4s


Who says a car can’t haul a lot of stuff? The prius helped out with our project this weekend on Heartland House. Initially, Dan and I had planned on finishing the floor of the future kitchen, which is just open to the basement right now. But after drenching rain the previous weekend the basement had about an inch of standing water and neither of us was interested in standing in water all weekend. So we tackled the other structural problems.

It appears at one point there was a major leak in the back roof, over the area that will become the third bedroom. The siding was still intact, mostly, but the studs and top plate and most of the inside portion of the wall had been falling apart and disintegrating.  Some past owner had attempted to fix it, and the only way to describe how bad the fix was is to show you a picture:



So, you might notice that the “fix” involved building a new wall inside the old one. And, using half-size studs with a separator in the middle. No, that is not structurally doing anything much for the wall or the roof. So we took it down (after bracing the rafters with a temporary setup, that’s the 2×10 you see in the front of the wall in this picture):

After structural fixes

We will continue to add in more studs and fill in the wall from the inside later this week. But for now we have the top plate replaced and we’re hoping that the paint and a wish and a prayer will hold the siding together for a few more days until we are done with adding in new studs and we can reattach the siding to something stable.

In other news, tomorrow is my last day of work and we can start working on the house in earnest on Wednesday. And this week is supposed to be the coldest week of the year and the coldest it has been in about 3 years. Today was 14 degrees above 0. Why did it have to get so cold right as I’m getting freed up to work on Heartland House!?

Here’s a picture of my work gear this weekend when it was merely in the 30’s:101_3743

I came home a little bit frozen and took a long shower just to warm up!


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  1. Lola Leder says:

    Always surprises when dealing with an old house, Midge and I encountered a few with Sage St. Its an adventure that’s for sure – and unfortunately loves, the cold is supposed to continue all week.

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