A Challenge – Accepted!

January 28, 2013 by megmstephens

Dan challenged me yesterday to post something on the blog every single day that we work at Heartland House from now until we leave for California, even if it is just pictures of our progress that day. I’m going to do it! We’re about to head over and get started on some electrical work today, but just to catch you up with what we have done the last 5 days….

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageHere is a list of everything we have gotten done in the last few days, some of it has pictures above and some of it we forgot to photograph:

1. Fixed rafters and structural problems in the walls in bedroom #3

2. Framed in the new bathroom, refrigerator nook, and closet

3. Removed and patched the old hole for an in-wall air conditioner

4. Replaced the lock and handle on the door to the garage

5. Installed 1 new window and have 2 more framed in

6. Demo’d the rest of the nasty floor and walls in bedroom #3

7. Contracted a roofing crew to replace the roof over the entire house

And now we are going to start on electrical today!




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