New Roof, Electrical, and a Possum


January 29, 2013 by megmstephens

The roofing crew was back today, even though it drizzled off and on all day. After last week’s temperatures in the low 10’s, the weather has turned to being foggy and 50 degrees (welcome to winter in Indiana! Can’t make up it’s mind). The roofers got almost all of the back portion of the roof shingled and some of the drip edge installed. But they still have not been able to tear off the metal roof from the front part of the house because of the rain and wanting to keep the house dry (thank you!). Here’s a pic of the back part of the roof at the end of the day today:


There is new flashing at the base of the chimney and where the roof meets the siding. It’s supposed to rain and be generally nasty for a couple of days, so they will not be back until Thursday to finish the roof. They’re also going to fix the top of the chimney for us! 

Dan and I got a slow start this morning (that’s code for we slept in late). It could have been because my arms were like noodles from being sore and overworked and therefore I didn’t want to get out of bed to get dressed. It also could be because it’s the first Monday I didn’t have to be at work, so I was rebelling by deciding to sleep in. It also could have something to do with the possum from last night.

We had friends over to have spaghetti and hang out last night. After everyone left, Dan decided it was the best time to venture into the back yard to pick up all of the dog toys.  Except one of the toys was actually a possum! It was playing dead because Tesla had scared it. It looked just like Tesla’s stuffed bunny toy, and he actually reached down to pick it up and got a handful of possum hair instead. It played dead while we tried to get Tesla in the house – she was very interested in this possum, although she didn’t try to pick it up. 

After we got her in the house I checked back in the yard a minute later to see if the possum was still there. Nope, totally vanished! But it took a long time for Tesla to calm down and for Dan to wash his hands and arms about 5 times, so we were all up very late, and that could have had something to do with us not being able to get out of bed this morning.

It was noon before we got over to Heartland House. We started in on rough-in electrical work for the 3rd bedroom and the bathroom and the refrigerator nook. 


Basically all we did was hang the boxes for outlets and switches, and then run the wire from box to box. I ran the circuits back to the panel in the basement but I did not make the connections there, I just labeled each run. I’ll probably have an electrician make all the connections in the panel later, when we get to the point of having the whole house done.


It was a nice thing to do on a foggy rainy day. I was glad I wasn’t on the roof! We worked for about 7 hours and got everything pulled, and finally quit when I got desperate for a working bathroom. Good thing I have a great electrician partner who doesn’t laugh at an adult woman doing the potty dance!



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  1. Lola Leder says:

    Despite the Indiana (and Michigan) weather, you seem to be making good progress. Having a roof done in the winter can be tricky at best. Love

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