The camera works again!


February 5, 2013 by megmstephens

For a couple of days our camera kept calling it quits. I took it to Heartland House again today to see if by some miracle it would work again, and IT DID! I think the camera doesn’t like the cold. My toes agree. 


When we pulled up to Heartland House this morning, the front roof looked like this:Image

The roofers were back and trying to finish up the roof. They didn’t quite make it, they still have to come back tomorrow and shingle the front part and finish up installing the dripedge.  But it’s nearly there! 


Dan and I finished up the framing for the floor of the kitchen today, finally. And it even includes a new, stable, not-going-to-fall-apart-and-break-your-neck access ladder!


After installing a sheet and a half of subflooring, Dan ripped out the wall that used to be between the bathroom and dining room. After it came down it was remarkable how open and spacious the kitchen and dining room feel!


Check out this picture from today:


After Dan tore down the wall, he left Heartland House and I spent the rest of the afternoon replacing the window in the kitchen. It was broken and had an old storm window on the outside that didn’t shut. It was permanently open, which didn’t worry me security-wise while there was a giant hole into the basement below it. It was kind of like a booby-trap for any thieves. Oh, you want to climb through my window? Watch out for the 10′ drop into the basement! Mwah haha ha ha.

So I replaced it with a new double-pane energy star window:


This window went in a lot easier than the patio doors. At 3pm this past Saturday we had a few hours left of daylight and thought that re-hanging the french doors would be a good project to cross off the list.


The patio doors had been installed without any proper framing around it. So the doors were basically hanging off their own jambs. They tilted together so badly at the top that opening and closing them was extremely difficult. Here’s a picture of the “framing” we found after pulling out the doors:


We finally called it quits at about 6:30pm after pulling out the door and finding that the beam and everything under the sill was rotted out. We started taking out the rotten portions, which was actually very satisfying and involved the vigorous use of a hatchet. The hatchet was found in the crawl space under bedroom 3 a while ago, and it actually came in very handy for the patio door project!


We boarded up the opening for Saturday night and came back on Sunday to finish it up.


It took all day Sunday to fix the sill, frame the opening, and rehang the doors.

For the record, hanging french doors is the worst. They are still not perfect, but at least they open and close properly now. 


Thanks to Allison for the pictures from Saturday! I don’t have any pictures of what we did on Sunday because the camera was refusing to turn on. 

Here’s a picture of Dan and I on Saturday, BEFORE we started working on the patio doors (you can tell because we are both still smiling at this point):


Tuesday is our day off from working on Heartland House. I have tons of errands to run and I’m going to purchase all the supplies for plumbing the house. Projects we’ll be working on the rest of this week include:

1. Plumbing 

2. New back door, and replacing the current back door with a new window

3. Finishing the electrical

4. Prepping for hanging drywall

Hopefully by Saturday we will be to the point where we can start hanging drywall!


3 thoughts on “The camera works again!

  1. Lola Leder says:

    You guys are amazing. Love

  2. Amy K Leder says:

    I agree with Grandma, I’m so impressed! How did you learn all this!?! I grew up in the same household yet our handyman educations are completely different…lol.

    • megmstephens says:

      I always hung out with Dad when he was doing projects around the house, and I constantly stalked the houses that were being built in our neighborhood. I also took drafting and went to school for this for a few years… lol. On the other hand, I couldn’t name more than a few bones in the human body and I only know the difference between a bacteria and a virus because of Mom and Dan.

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