It always takes longer than I think it will

May 28, 2016 by megmstephens

I just got off the phone with United customer service. I pushed my flight home back almost a week to Tuesday, June 7th. I just couldn’t leave the house when it is so close to being finished, and we had some delays on some of the major components. The upper kitchen cabinets won’t be ready until Thursday after Memorial Day, and the flooring installation had to be pushed back as well. So I’m staying longer to make sure it all gets done! The good news is that I’m giving myself a couple days off to relax with my family in Michigan. My days have been starting at about 7 am and I don’t quit until about 7pm or later, so my body is about to rebel against all this physical labor I’ve been making it do. A few days to rest and then I can come back with a fresh perspective!


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