It’s not quite done, but I am done!

June 6, 2016 by megmstephens

Whew. The last week has been insane. I pushed back my flight to squeeze in more work on the house, and it’s not done but I am very happy with where it’s at! My dad and my grandpa deserve a huge shout out, since they came and worked with me for almost the whole time and pushed the progress a long way. Dad came to help from Tuesday to Sunday, and he was a rockstar. My grandpa Coles is in his eighties, and was still working 8+ hours every day he was there, lifting heavy things (like kitchen cabinet uppers!) and tackling drywall hanging. Here’s the photo evidence of our progress:

Dad made this beautiful trap door that covers the access to the basement. 

A friend of a friend brought granite remnants to dress up the fireplace! It looks awesome but I had to change the blue. It clashed pretty bad!

Gramps figured out the drain lines under the sink, which I was very grateful for!

Dad, I love you!


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