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Hi, I’m Megan. I bought a house on June 1, 2012 for $7,200. It needs some work.

I went to school to be an architect. I’m not licensed, but I currently do project management and construction administration, which means I sit in an office and send emails for most of the day. I’ve daydreamed for years about knowing how to build houses, not just draw them. There was always something holding me back – it’s too hard, I don’t know enough yet, I’m uncertain, I’m too busy – until finally I decided that I would never do what I want until I just jumped in and started doing it. So I bought a fixer-upper.

I’m very lucky to live in a great small-town midwest community, surrounded by people who are extremely talented and know much more than I do about houses and renovation and construction. They are my reference and my lifeline to sanity when I’m going crazy not knowing what to do next. I would say it is Hoosier friendliness at it’s best.

Now that I own this house, what’s the plan?

The Plan:

1. Work really hard.

2. Ask for help.

3. Restore the house as much as possible (it’s from 1900 or possibly earlier).

4. Use salvaged and reclaimed materials wherever possible.

5. Try not to spend a gajillion dollars.

. . .

99. Move in?


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