Heartland House History

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Heartland House has a pretty good layout. Especially since I have seen some bizzare “remodels” to old houses, I was very pleasantly surprised to find Heartland House well laid out.

But, there are some problems. For example, why does Bedroom 3 have a door from the Mud Room? That will have to be changed. The kitchen only has one short run of cabinets, but it’s a decent sized room so we will just install more. Probably in a U-shape or along two walls opposite each other.

The oldest part of the house is the front two rooms. HeartlandHouse shows up on our city records in 1900, which happens to be the year that they started keeping records. From the foundation types and even the different sizes of lumber, I think there have been at least 2 additions.

The former owners have done some pretty terrible “remodeling”, but luckily it is mostly cosmetic and can be fixed. Just for your entertainment, there is a gallery in this post that shows what Heartland House looked like when it was purchased. Have fun browsing through the pictures!


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