Master Project List for HH


I’m guilty of forgetting to have focus when it comes to projects. I can bounce around from task to task, working on whatever interests me at the moment. However, that’s not an efficient way to get a project done, even if everything I am working on needs to be done at some point. So, Dan suggested that we should have a list (ooh, I love lists) to make sure we are working on the next-most important thing. We talked about it one night and I wrote it out on graph paper, and now it’s tacked up in the garage for reference. The list does not include everything we have already completed, like cleaning out every room in the house and the yard. This is just starting from the middle of July or so and attempting to list everything from here out.

So you can follow along and maybe even help keep us accountable, here’s the digital version of the list. I’l edit and cross things off as we finish them.

  • Getting Power Back on COMPLETE 8-2-2012
  1. Trench and Conduit to the garage [Finished 7/22/12]
  2. Install subpanel in the garage [Finished 7/24/12]
  3. Wire outlets and lights in garage [Finished 7/24/12]
  4. Wire 2 outlets and 2 lights in basement of the house [Finished 7/29/12]
  5. Install new main panel in the house (basement) [Finished 7/29/12]
  6. Call inspector for rough-in inspection [Finished 7/26/12]
  7. Complete hookups [Finished 7/29/12]
  8. Call inspector back for final inspection [Not needed, inspector waived this one based on quality of completed work]
  9. Have power company turn back on power [Finished 8/2/2012]
  • Finish the garage, set it up as workshop
  1. Install new door [Finished 6/30/2012]
  2. Install new windows [Finished 7/29/12]
  3. Flashing/housewrap  [Finished 8/4/2012]
  4. Install reclaimed wood siding and Trim [Finished 9/23/2012]
  5. Replace the fascia board on two long sides [In Progress]
  6. Pressure-wash the siding to remove old paint and clean for paint [Finished 9/28/2012]
  7. Prime the siding, fascia, and trim [Complete 10/12/2012]
  8. Paint the siding, fascia, and trim [In Progress]
  9. Install gutters on the long sides [In Progress]
  10. Build workbenches and shelving inside for tools and equipment – get the whole thing set up for the rest of the project [Complete Oct 2012]
  • Level & repair structure
  1. Pull damp insulation and plastic out of the crawlspace [Complete 10/13/2012]
  2. Install new trapdoor and ship’s ladder to the basement
  3. Brick up cellar windows/access points, fill in cavities with rubble/soil [Complete Nov 2012]
  4. Demo bathroom subfloor and walls [Walls complete 9/27/2012, floor complete 10/3/2012]
  5. Replace the joists that have been cut under the bathroom floor [In Progress]
  6. Install new subfloor on new joists in the bathroom
  7. Tear bottom portion of siding off the south wall of the dining room (try to save blown-in insulation?)
  8. Remove patio door and temporarily install plastic sheeting in opening
  9. Find unsupported beam in dining room floor, jack up level [Complete 10/14/2012]
  10. Fix or replace rotted sill plate next to concrete patio
  11. Re-frame opening for patio door
  12. Re-install patio door or new door
  13. Re-install siding by patio door opening
  • Roof
  1. Find leak points in the back roof
  2. Assess how to repair or fix roof and best course of action for doing so (fix/patch vs replace?)
  3. Paint front roof with metal roof paint
  4. Trim back trees from roof
  5. Install gutters/fascia where needed
  6. Regrade around the house so ground slopes away from the foundation
  1. Rough-in all waste and drain pipes, and vent stacks
  2. Rough-in all new supply lines, including hot and cold manifolds
  3. Install water heater in cellar
  4. Get one toilet and sink operational for temporary facilities
  • Heat
  1. Move furnace into the basement [Complete 10/13/2012]
  2. Call gas company and get new gas service put in
  3. Install new ductwork in the crawlspace – Main trunk line and flex duct to each room
  • Wiring
  1. Develop lighting plan, including switch locations, lighting needs, and outdoor lighting
  2. Remove old boxes/lights/switches
  3. Rough-in wiring with new wire and boxes, excluding connections into main panel
  4. Hire licensed electrician to make final connections in main panel
  5. Call inspector for rough-in inspection
  6. Final wiring
  7. Call inspector for final inspection
  • Windows and doors, Exterior paint and seal
  1. Replace old windows and doors: Front door, Living room and bedroom windows, bathroom window, and back door
  2. Fix trim around front door
  3. Pressure wash exterior, scrape peeling paint
  4. Fix fascia or other spots on exterior wood siding and trim
  5. Caulk around openings and trim, fill holes in siding
  6. Paint exterior
  • Plaster and drywall
  1. Repair plaster, sand down or skimcoat textured walls
  2. Drywall bedroom 3 and bathroom, ceiling of dining room and bedroom 2
  3. Mud and tape joints
  4. Sand
  5. Mud joints again
  6. Clean walls
  7. Primer walls
  8. Paint all interior walls
  • Kitchen cabinets, closet hardware, and plumbing fixtures
  1. Install kitchen cabinets
  2. Install bath fixtures
  3. Install Kitchen sink and disposal, dishwasher, and water line to icemaker in refrigerator
  4. Install shelving in closets and pantries
  • Floors
  1. Install new floors where needed
  2. Patch/repair existing hardwood floors
  3. Sand down existing floors
  4. Stain and finish floors
  • Interior doors and trim
  1. Fix door jambs or replace as needed
  2. Sand down interior doors, restain
  3. Sand down and repaint interior trim, prep for installation
  4. Install interior doors and hardware
  5. Install trim – base, door, and window
  • Exterior work (not prioritized, some of these might happen among the other items higher on the list)
  1. Build a front porch
  2. Seed the lawn [In Progress]
  3. Widen sidewalk to garage from back door
  4. Fix privacy fence and install more along lot line with north neighbors, paint the fence
  5. Install new gates (one by garage, one by the dining room south of the house, perhaps vehicle gate somewhere?)
  6. Driveway between garage and alley- dig out topsoil, install crushed stone
  7. Extra parking space to the north of the garage: dig out area and install crushed stone
  8. Landscape
  9. Patio by dining room?
  10. Build a deck on the back of the house?
  11. Garden
  • Move in!? 

4 thoughts on “Master Project List for HH

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  2. […] to get to this point, though. It’s a milestone, and one more item I can cross off the Master Project List. Share […]

  3. […] Sunday afternoon is still dedicated to working on HH, frantically trying to finish whatever item I’ve tackled from the Master Project List. […]

  4. […] Sunday, I got to put the last piece of siding on the garage. This means that I can update The Master Project List, and cross off another item on the list! We only have a few more steps to finish the garage. The […]

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